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ohne titel (2008)

ohne titel is scored for flute, horn, cello and multi-channel electronics. The instrumentalists are placed in different areas of a gallery and the audience is free to move around the space experiencing different versions of the piece. Each instrumentalist plays the work in a different order - there are 9 sections in total - although they begin and end the work together.
ohne titel was written for the Sammlung Hoffmann in Berlin-Mitte, a private art collection housed in a former factory. The work was made possible with the assistance of Erika Hoffmann, and first performed 2 March 2008 by first moon (with Jennifer George, flute; Johann Friedrich Brockdorff, horn; Anna Carewe, cello; Ian Vine, electronics).

ohne titel is dedicated to Erika Hoffmann and the Sammlung Hoffmann.

flute, horn, cello, multi-channel electronics: 8 loudspeakers
duration: 25 minutes ~
recordings realised at first moon studio, Manchester and on location in Berlin

Erika Hoffmann; André de Ridder, who initiated the project and rigged the sound; Wiebke Busch; Anna Carewe, Johann Friedrich Brockdorff & Jennifer George who waited patiently while the ink dried in the first rehearsal; the staff at Sammlung Hoffmann; the bells of the Sophienkirche and other bell towers near the Sammlung Hoffmann.
in the UK: Andrew Maher (horn) and Clare Babington (cello), for their recorded contributions; Luke das-Gupta, additional equipment.