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forty objects/forty-five objects (2015)

In these two works for electric guitar orchestra, forty objects and forty-five objects, each player has a unique sequence of notes; there are 40 and 45 individual parts respectively. I tracked each guitar part individually in real time; these recordings carry subtle variances in timbre, pitch and timing as in a live performance by an orchestra.

Recently I have written a series of pieces that are concerned in one way or another with the presentation of unique, and yet similar, events or objects. For example, in fifty objects (2007, for ensemble) and individual objects (2009, for orchestra), I made a sequence of unique musical objects that are closely related; over 5000 individual works (2007, for piano) a single performance, or individual work, is one of 5040 versions of the piece.

forty objects/forty-five objects (2015) 49 minutes ~
formats: DL, CDR
release date: 27 March 2015
available at: ianvine.bandcamp.com
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forty objects (2014) 25 minutes 6 seconds
40 electric guitars
composed March-May 2014. Recorded 18 April-18 May 2014
forty-five objects (2014) 24 minutes 36 seconds
45 electric guitars
composed July-August 2014. Recorded 22 July-31 August 2014

all instruments performed by Ian Vine. recorded at first moon. mixed & mastered at first moon January-February 2015.

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forty objects score detail
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