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five strings (2022)

Recently I have written a series of pieces that are concerned in one way or another with the presentation of unique, and yet similar, events or objects. In this work I examine closely a chord played by four guitars and bass guitar. There is no repetition in the piece, except gesturally.

The work is available in two versions, one single-movement piece and as five shorter pieces.

five strings (2022) 36 minutes ~
five strings I (2022) 15 minutes ~
five strings II (2022) 7 minutes ~
five strings III (2022) 4 minutes ~
five strings IV (2022) 6 minutes ~
five strings V (2022) 5 minutes ~
guitars, bass guitar, electronics

guitar notes: Elizabeth Vine; Eamonn Fitzpatrick; Sean Fitzpatrick; Ian Vine
bass guitar notes: Richard Vine
guitars & bass recorded by the instrumentalists in France, Hong Kong, London and Manchester, January 2021
processed, mixed, mastered at first moon by Ian Vine, 2022

five strings: 17 March 2023, CDR/DL